In the light of modern-day medical science developments, we see brand-new problems arising beyond their classic problems in medical and law science. Especially the development of technology, the rise of travel opportunities and a new sector called medical tourism coming to existence can turn people’s search for healing into a nightmare and can victimise them. From this point of view I will make some explanations about what organ trade is and especially the necessity of battling illegal organ trade and making legal arrangements on this area. Organ and tissue transplantation can’t be made sufficiently due to the lack sufficient number of organs, existence of cultural and educational differences and common opinion that the decedent would suffer in the hereafter if an organ was to be taken off of the decedent’s body and that it’s inconvenient in terms of religion. When the organ issue became a problem that is common in the world, the illegal trade of that started, and it became a ‘source of living’ especially for some people in Russia, India and some of the Far East and Africa countries. In biology, it is defined as that the organ is the tissue group that fulfils a specific duty or body of duties; and tissue is the body of cells that compose one of the building elements of a body or an organ. Organ transplantation is the act of transplanting a solid organ that is taken from an alive donor or a decedent and can take on the same task, in the place of the organ that can’t fulfil it’s duty in the body. In this day and age, organ transplantation is accepted as a valid treatment method in many advanced organ diseases. The number of people waiting for an organ transplantation in our country is pretty high. While there not being sufficient number of donors to meet this need directs people that are waiting for organs to buy organs; it directs people that are in financial difficulties to sell organs.